Notalys Advantage

Data - Direction - Decision

Fundamentally, Notalys breaks down the barriers between decisions and decision sciences. By taking a step back and reassessing the basic assumptions surrounding organizational objectives, we take the guesswork out of decision making. Quality information provide clear direction toward successful decisions. Notalys provides customized, comprehensive, and cost effective solutions to accomplish these ends.


In today’s technological environment, information is everywhere. The constant interactions between individuals are tracked across a myriad of media. Collecting, organizing, and interpreting vast amounts of data requires a command of many different methodologies. At Notalys we have dozens of methodologies at our command, ready to leverage in your favor.

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Technical analysis without substantive direction will never inform successful decisions. Notalys strives to provide context to content. What are the fundamental goals of the project? What are the essential problems we need to solve? Where are the missing pieces that need to be filled? We leverage the Notalys Network to make sure we’re informed at every level.

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Decision making is about connecting what you know with what you feel. Analysis provides knowledge and insight. But experience and intuition turn insight into innovation. At Notalys we work to make information as accessible as possible. We make sure the most complex analysis is broken down to its essential parts so your informed intuition can lead to innovation.

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