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Sven Wilson, PhD Economics

Sven Wilson is a Partner and Chief Economist at Notalys, with expertise in economic modeling, advanced statistical methodologies, project research and design, cost-benefit analysis and policy analysis. He has extensive experience analyzing local, national and international datasets, mostly in the area of population health and demographics. Dr. Wilson is also Professor of Public Policy at Brigham Young University, where he holds appointments in both political science and economics. He teaches policy analysis, cost-benefit analysis, demographic economics, and statistical methods, with many scholarly publications in economics, public policy, and population health. Dr. Wilson has experience in designing and managing large scale data collection projects, conducting analysis using a variety of statistical software programs, and communicating and presenting research results to a wide array of audiences.

Jay Goodliffe, PhD Political Science

Jay Goodliffe is a Partner and Chief Methodologist at Notalys. Dr. Goodliffe has taught and researched public policy in Utah and nationally for 16 years, with primary specialty in statistical methodology and applying advanced methods to practical problems. His experience includes designing, administering, and analyzing complex survey data; assessing incentive and information systems in market and non-market environments; compiling and synthesizing disparate databases to identify patterns and relationships; and conducting cost-benefit analyses. Dr. Goodliffe is currently working with computer science and mathematics colleagues on ways to merge databases containing diffuse and missing information. He has published numerous articles in the areas of methodology, game theory, and social network theory. His expertise in campaign finance and national and local politics has been recognized by research support from a variety of public and private foundations.

Erik Krisle, MPP Advanced Research Methods

Erik has particular expertise in data analytics, survey research and survey psychology, and research design. He has consulted on data collection and interpretation projects for public and private sector clients in local government, education, market research and sales intelligence, and human resource intelligence. Erik brings years of experience with complex statistical sample design, instrument design, and post-survey analysis and was responsible for the sample design of the two most accurate political polls conducted in Utah in 2012. As Director of Operations at Notalys, Erik manages internal operations and business development. His own research focuses on analyzing financial data, forecasting trends, and determining influential growth factors.

Sterling Petersen, MPP Advanced Research Methods

Sterling Petersen is trained in economics, statistics, mathematics, and public policy analysis. He has worked for the Utah Republican Party as a data analyst and consultant, helping to develop large databases of internal voter and caucus data. Sterling has years of experience merging, cleaning, and analyzing large data sets including voter registration data, decennial census data, American Community Survey (ACS) data, and financial and economic data. He is a programming expert in several statistical and general-use languages, including Java, Python, Matlab, SAS, R, Stata, SPSS, and Javascript. Sterling has also worked as a statistical programming and methodological consultant for students and faculty in the Brigham Young University School of Family and Social Sciences. As Director of Research, he is primarily responsible for the Notalys LIDS (Local Impact Data Source) database, a proprietary compilation of complex data sources.