The Lab

At Notalys we dig deep into bleeding-edge methodological advancements to ensure the most precise and most reliable results. We strive to answer the why questions by connecting cause and effect.

Decision Science

Decision science is the systematic application of information to decision making problems. Timely, efficient, and effective decision making is the hallmark of today’s successful managers. At Notalys, we take the paralysis out of analysis by leveraging advanced modeling and optimization techniques that transform complexity into simplicity. Our goal is to infuse your decision making process with relevant and revealing information that accelerates your organization towards its ultimate goals.

Custom Research Design

No two organizations are exactly the same. Out of the box research methods and survey instruments can only provide a superficial investigation into an organization’s research questions. That’s why at Notalys we take a fresh and creative approach to every client’s needs. Every client receives a fully customized research design that ensures the organization the very best and most reliable information for their decision making problems.

Data Analysis

Automated reporting and computerized dashboards only offer a superficial view of customer feedback, and organizational and financial operations. These methods provide a useful snapshot of an organization, but they will never answer the why questions that drive the numbers. Truly insightful data analysis requires a deeper look at the causal relationships that can be leveraged toward success. At Notalys we look at your data from a variety of vantage points to make sure you not only know what is happening, but why it is happening. We have experts in predictive analytics, time-series analysis and forecast methods, network analysis, and a host of other methods that can be harnessed for the simplest to the most complex projects.