The Practice

People often ask us, “So… What do you do?” The answer is always a hard one to produce. The truth is, we do whatever you need us to do. Our clients have spanned the spectrum from large and small, private and public sector organizations. We’ve developed complex economic models of entire sectors of the economy, and we’ve conducted small-scale survey research projects on a dime. These are just a few of our common practice areas. But where we really excel is in creating new and innovative research designs for questions that have never been addressed before. Contact one of our partners for a free consultation on your research needs at

Economic Modeling

Understanding today’s global competitive economy and how it affects you is essential to organizational success. At Notalys we can model and define new markets, forecast sales and revenues, and evaluate the potential effects of policy and regulatory change on organizational effectiveness. We can bring macro-economic principles into organizational perspective, identifying opportunities and pitfalls, and increasing organizational influence in your industry.

Healthcare Intelligence

Healthcare in America is a ballooning trillion-dollar industry. Recent changes caused by an aging population, transformative government regulation, and constant innovation in science and technology has totally disrupted the healthcare marketplace. At Notalys we have developed a deep understanding of the economic underpinnings of the health care economy and the regulatory environment in which our healthcare professionals now operate. Our Notalys LIDS database enables us to help practitioners attract new patients, strategically contract with payers, and identify new opportunities in a changing world.

Human Resource Intelligence

Human capital is the life blood of any organization. Understanding your employees and what motivates them is crucial for success. At Notalys we can draw upon decades of human capital research in a variety of disciplines to go beyond simple satisfaction scales about the corporate lunch room. We use innovative research such as personnel economics, 360-degree evaluations, and employee engagement research to help executives and managers gain a global perspective of their organization. Few employees want to tell their boss how they really feel about their job. Third party human resource research reveals insights that are often left uncovered by internal reviews. By understanding your employees better you can maximize performance and efficiency while simultaneously stimulating engagement and morale.

Sales and Market Research

Marketing is more than just advertising and sales. Understanding consumer behavior is difficult even with perfect information. At Notalys we utilize a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods including network analysis, conjoint analysis, price testing, focus grouping, and many others. We strive to help explain how customers feel about your brand and your product as well as how they will likely react to new marketing campaigns and new product offerings. We have a particular expertise in sales forecasting, market segmentations research, and price elasticity research.

Survey Research and Public Opinion

Good survey researchers identify and minimize potential error in every step of the design. Sample design, questionnaire design, mode of contact, and post-survey analysis require thoughtful planning with the overall research questions in mind. At Notalys we have developed a systematic process to walk you through the simplest to the most complex survey research projects. We specialize in designing instruments that enable meaningful analysis beyond simple cross tabs and correlation tables. Whether measuring customer satisfaction, employee engagement, or political perception Notalys can ensure accurate and insightful answers to your questions.

Public Policy

Every policy comes with intended and unintended consequences. Understanding these likely outcomes prior to implementation is paramount for government agencies, political actors, and private citizens and business people. At Notalys we can investigate the financial and non-financial consequences of any policy change. We can define problems, identify policy alternatives, evaluate policies on weighted criteria, and recommend solutions to every public policy question. We excel at identifying the far reaching effects of change and targeting policy directly at the problems at hand while minimizing the ripples of unintended consequences.